You Get the Best of Me

giftoftimeWhat is one of the biggest gifts you could give someone?


A physical gift of some sort?

An honorarium?

What if I were to suggest that one of the biggest gifts we could ever give someone is not something that money could buy, but the gift that no one else could replicate?

What if the biggest gifts we could give would be the gift of time?

Money is something we can always achieve “more of” . . . if we work hard enough, invest correctly, etc., there is always more money to be had.

Physical gifts are great and often times very meaningful, but they have a risk of breaking, wearing out, no longer being relevant or useful.

Yet time – that is a gift that you can give that no one else can.

It is also a resource that is finite. You can’t “get more” if you work harder, longer, etc.

There are simply 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year . . . and frankly, none of us know how much “time” we really have.

Thus true rich living comes when we embrace that gift of uniqueness and give one another our time.

Because no one can replicate you and your time.

So many times in today’s world we spend our time with our eyes glued to our screens. We are addicted to our technology and we work the vast majority of a 24-hour day because we are always plugged in or connected.

We are present with one another, but not really present.

Our minds are distracted, we are waiting on that next text or email . . .

To truly give the gift of time, it is suggested that we be fully present in each moment. We stop the many distractions grabbing for our attention and we give those in our lives our best selves; we give them our undivided attention and time.

  • Today, notice how many times you are trying to multi-task and do more than one thing at once.
  • See who you are cheating by not being fully present. Then stop the distractions and give the biggest gift one can give, the gift of one’s undivided attention and time.

Corrin Bauer