What does God do with our failures and mistakes?

c3ba391b949595d0a81c72976b718455It’s a few hours before I am supposed to turn off the computer for at least a day and I see there are still WAY TOO MANY THINGS I never got around to!  Emails to send. Phone calls to make. People to see. Things to write that are unwritten. Reports to do. Sermons to think of and then create.

And it is Thursday afternoon.

Yet because I am learning boundaries (thank you to my mentors in faith!) in just a little while I will turn off the computer (even if I can’t turn off my brain!)

I will be intentional about investing in the people who matter most in my life – my family, even if I feel like with just a few more clicks or sends, I could cover a few more of my mistakes.

While pondering this an email comes in from Lori West (the West Missions and Community Relationships Catalyst).  It reads, “Heads Up!”

It is in reading this that I am reminded of what God does with my mistakes.

God uses all things for good . . . even when they are born out of mistakes.

Here is an excerpt from Lori’s email:

Do you recall us talking about Third Creek adopting a student from Uganda? What if the Third Creek students will write one of the students we are currently sponsoring as a church.  This is a WIN because the students need to be written to and the school wanted to reach out and experience diversity and different cultures. So – two 4th grade classes from Third Creek will be pen pals with two children from Acres of Hope.


And the even cooler part is in two weeks when Geoffery is in town he is going to visit Third Creek and those two classrooms.  This is a incredible opportunity for Third Creek students and I am thrilled we could help them connect with a different part of the world and give them a broader base.

This – is beautiful and is a real glimpse of the Kingdom.  It is why I do what I do.

And it was born on one a day of some of my biggest mistakes!

Four years ago in December Kathy Warner and I were in the middle of a botched missional engagement. We had to decide to withdraw from the partnership and it was something that caused both our hearts to ache! I finally made the phone call and immediately after saying “no” to India, my calendar dinged and I realized I was going to be late to the District Board of Ordained Ministry interview. I had on pajamas. I threw on clothes, Drove rapidly to Davidson only to realize I was there on the wrong day. Mortified I crawled underneath the window so my senior pastor would not know of my mistake (he was on the interview team). I went back home only to lie in misery and contemplate yet another one of my HUGE mistakes.

And here we are – five years later. When I am starting to “stress” because there are so many things undone, I get a reminder that God is BIG and Divine Energy and Love. God is God – despite our mistakes!  In fact beautiful things COME from our mistakes!

So now I’ll close my computer and give thanks to God for the opportunity to live a calling that continues . . .  despite all my mistakes, God makes ALL things beautiful!  Thanks be to God! 🙂