Thank You

ThankYouWow! I really am so grateful for the texts, Facebook messages, and thoughts for my birthday!

Your words “May all your wishes come true!” caused me to ponder …… “What do I wish for?”

I realized then with a great sense of leveling; it’s been so long since I had “wishes” I’m not sure I know what they are anymore.  For real – it took me awhile to remember what it means to wish.   I had forgotten.

So I started thinking (which for me is mixed in with thoughts to God/prayer).

And I discovered I do still have wishes!!!

For the next year of my life – here are my wishes, thanks to many of you!

I wish for my family to be the amazing people they are, just a year older and wiser.

A husband that loves me and puts up with tons of crap – unconditionally! He’s my biggest cheerleader and I’m grateful!

A daughter who is beautiful beyond words –  internally and externally.  Whose leadership gifts are not yet seen or believed by herself but she is amazing and I’m honored to be her mom.

A son whose heart and humility is huge.
Not to mention that he is handsome.  🙂
I could not be more proud that I am his mom and that he will bring about change in this world, even if he doesn’t think he can.

And my friends –   Wow.

My wish is to show you that I care – MORE! I’m a selfish friend way too much!!!!  My wish for next year is to put myself less and YOU more!

Even friends where we text once or twice a year – the imprint you have in my life – you will never know.    I am grateful.

To my colleagues in Ministry that pray for me, love me, and cheer me on even in my failures—– your willingness to stand by my side even when it looks bleak – wow.   You touch my soul in ways you will never know.  Thank you for believing in me.

My wish – to live into what you see in me because I don’t see it.  And if I get a glimpse I get scared and see myself as so unworthy.  Yet I know I am called by God.   And anointed by God to lead.  You cause and push me to see.

And faith community where I serve ….
West (and those who shaped me – North Morganton, Williamson’s Chapel) ….

Thank you for believing in crazy, bold vision that shows the radical love of God.

My wish is that we ALL BE BOLD!!!!!!!
(All faith communities – not just West!)

No more playing “church” because You get scared of what is ahead.

To West – my wish is we step out in faith, keep redefining “church” in the eyes of our community and virtual world.

I also wish that you will push me IN LOVE AND “fluff” when I’m scared to lead.

West, colleagues, friends and mentors –  It’s time for our next step together.

God has surrounded us with powerful connections and amazing opportunities.

It’s time.

No more distractions.

God has enabled me to break thru my own wilderness.   I’m no longer FROZEN As I used to be!!!!

May all my wishes come true …. ?!?!? Yes.   May they.
I can’t wait to see what is yet to be!