Shut Up!

Jesus Stops a Storm

Mark 4:37 stop-it

It’s all about Power!

But is it a Display of Power OR a Manifestation of Power: What’s the Difference?

When the storm came, the disciples didn’t delay! They woke him up! Jesus – the one they had watched heal the sick and proclaim a new kingdom! Yet he was asleep in a HUGE, and SUDDEN storm!
So they woke him up!

Notice – before he said anything to them about waking him up, their fear, or any other comments he would have liked to make, he spoke to the wind and the waves. No dialogue. No conversation! Just an exclamation to the storm itself!

For example, he did not say, “I HAVE power.”

By speaking directly to the storm (wind/waves) he said, “I AM power.”

It’s sort of like him not saying, “I COULD fix this if I wanted to.” He simply did. He fixed it. He calmed the storm.

How many times in life do we want a “fix” for our problems?

How many times would we prefer that instead of sitting around and talking about it (especially when we talk about it over and over and over again) – we would or could actually do something?

What if we could? What if we actually COULD do something to exert power?

The good news is we can.

When we find ourselves in the middle of the storm and the waves are crashing in, we can take control and exert our power. The power we have within us. The power of God as given to us through the Holy Spirit.

We can say, “Peace. Storm be Still!”

Where are we in our lives right now that we need to say to the wind and the waves – “Stop! I demand peace! No more storms raging all around me. I claim the power of God – and in that power, I find peace! Winds, rain, waves – BE STILL!”

This shows us not just a “display” of power . . or even us just thinking we HAVE God’s power . . . when we live this way, it becomes a manifestation of divine power.

So do it now . . . say it, cry it, claim it! “Shut up! Winds, rain, storm – PEACE! Be still!”