Showing Yourself

You showed yourself today!

I’m not sure where I heard this . . . and it certainly wasn’t a form of praise!

It either was when I was growing up and did something my parents disapproved of OR it was something I heard and then used with my children, “You really showed yourself today!”

In a literal sense – that would be the worst thing ever if we went around “Showing ourselves.”  We would end up arrested! We are supposed to keep it covered.

In a more figurative sense, to “show oneself” means to put forth a LOT of who we really are.

In healing the lepers Jesus commanded them, “Go, show yourself to the priests.” That was the way people were declared “clean.”

Yet it is important to note – this happened BEFORE the actual cleansing.

“As they went they became clean.”

When the lepers ACTED on Jesus’ command they apparently opened the way for his power to flow in and through them. It was in the acting that the healing came!

How often do we wait for everything to be “perfect” or at least “almost perfect” before we act on something we feel is the right/best thing to do?

We KNOW we should do something . . . we hear that nudge in our heads/hearts – yet we do not act because we don’t have all our “stuff” in order. We think it isn’t the right time. Perhaps God’s time is different than our perception of best or right time!

Sometimes when we take the first step that is ALL that it takes to allow the Spirit to act in us.

If we are bold and courageous enough to take that first step, the second gets a little easier because we find it is not our power that keeps us going but a power that comes from something deeper within us that we do not necessarily understand.

What part of life are you being nudged by God but yet you still have not moved?

Be willing to acts as the lepers acted . . .  even before they were healed they took the steps to go to the priests and be declared clean.  That had to be a little scary, they were the “others” or the “untouchables”, after all!  Yet they did as Jesus led . . . and when they did – they were healed.