Life Lessons from the Letter P

I loved Sesame Street growing up!

I don’t know if it was Cookie Monster because I loved (and still do) great cookies . . . or if I empathized with Oscar because as an only child there were times that after being immersed in throngs of people, I just needed to “be” for awhile.

Or my favorite character, Snuffy, Big Bird’s perceived to be imaginary but actually very real best friend.

Regardless of what it was about Sesame Street, it was quite foundational in my learning the ABCs and to read before I began elementary school.

Alliteration was key.

In reflecting on 2014 and looking ahead to 2015, I have observed that perhaps that same concept is present. The lessons I learned from 2014 all seem to begin with the Letter P.

In 2014 I was able to glean some lessons that I had not anticipated learning . . . .

I learned that the following things DO NOT matter . . .




People’s perceptions of me/my leadership

Things that DO matter . . .




Being fully present in all moments and all times allowed me to be able to let the other things go . . . worrying about the future, wanting some “position” or “power” that I felt would advance my life on some level . . . wanting to be popular by relying on the opinions of others to define my self-worth. Through the help of some amazing friends and mentors, I was able to grasp this lesson . . . and able to let it go! Most of the time  . . . as always, it is a work in progress, but one that I now hold as my foundation. I can do that, I believe, because of the “present” . . .

The gift of Christmas (present) that we just finished celebrating a week or so ago . . . the gift of life – the miracle of life – is the ultimate gift of both presence and peace.

That gift came through the person of Jesus of Nazareth who showed that it was not about any of those things I mentioned above . . . power, popularity, perceptions, or positions.

The Jesus gift taught that it was about being present . . . fully present. And in doing so learning that each breath, each gaze, each conversation, each response is a gift and when we engage in those gifts that reveal to us the nature of the Divine, Love, then we are able to not only experience the gift of Love’s presence with us and in us every moment of every day but it is then, and only then, that we also experience peace.

Rather than calculating, planning, predicting . . . my hope for 2015 is to live into the lessons I learned in 2014 . . . be present, fully present, in all moments, and be a person of peace.