Giving It Away

godisloveA gentleman by the name of Carlos Rodriguez tells of an article he read by the author, Al Jacobs, a well-known writer for GQ magazine.

Al Jacobs was a self-professing agnostic but decided that he would go on a quest to live the ultimate biblical life. His plan was to “follow every single rule in the Bible as literally as possible.”

He was moving along with this goal until he discovered the invitation to give. “Give away 10% of everything he had earned the year before.” It was after doing that, he wrote, “As I gave away money, I think I might have felt God’s pleasure.”

Carlos reflects, “There is a certain joy and completeness that can only be experienced through generosity. And it looks different for different people, even if it is for selfish reasons, because as we give, the actual experience of giving releases the pleasure of God.”

Rich living is when we live in the heart of Jesus.

The heart of Jesus is one of absolute generosity and love.

It was his life that demonstrated an ultimate generosity that brings the richest life of all . . . one of oneness with God and true peace. This oneness comes with self-sacrifice.

When we sacrifice ourselves, on ANY level, there is something, a feeling, a peace, a joy, that moves into our souls and allows us to experience the true pleasure and joy of God.

  • How can you sacrifice yourself today?
  • What can you give away that you really need, but someone else needs more?

That is sacrificial giving. That is the giving that brings rich living.

Carlos Rodriguez