Follow the Leader . . .

It could be a game . . .  or it could be real life!

Today we did the shoes, games, crafts with children from three area churches and we did so at Geoffrey’s church!  It was a great morning and we had the opportunity to continue to build great relationships with the people of Nebbi!

As we walked along the road today after our morning activities, there was an additional guest in our line. She walked alongside Sam Freeman and we joked with Sam that she had made a new friend.  Truthfully though, we didn’t find that unusual because most of the time when we walk back to the hotel there are many children that end up walking with us or line the way waving and saying hello.

Kathy and I stayed downstairs in the patio area so we could confirm with Geoffrey our afternoon plans. As we sat there we noticed Joe Freeman round the corner and head our way.  Since it much, MUCH cooler on the balcony, Kathy and I were surprised Joe was back down so soon.  BRIEF ASIDE . . . .(It’s been the norm for the team to gather on the balcony during any “off” time – but you can imagine our surprise this afternoon when a HUGE wind gust blew the door shut and we realized it locked from the inside!  It’s interesting that you don’t realize how much you need to use the restroom or get water until you can’t!  Luckily the other folks on the team returned within the hour. Some wanted to see the local infirmary and school. We learned our lesson about doors locking from the inside . . . )

Anyway, back to the main point . . .

Following Joe came Sam.  And not two steps behind Sam was the little girl (approx 5 yrs old) who had not only followed Sam and Joe back from the church, but she just followed them right on up the steps.  I believe had Joe not turned right back around he and Sam would have a new roommate.

It’s interesting . . . . Sam and Joe came and sat with kathy and myself in the patio, and once again, unphased, she followed.

We sat there for a minute not really knowing what to do . . . and then Sam pulled a little travel Etch-A-Sketch out of her bag.  She looked at it, turned the knobs for a few seconds, once she knew how to use it, she got up and off she went . . . happily on her way.

From the time we are born through our teenage years (ESPECIALLY) we are taught to recognize the right people to follow.  It can weigh heavy on a heart when you realize there are many in this world with no one to follow.  That little girl had no one running after her saying “Stop, come back.”

That can bring levity to any “Great Day!”

Yesterday Joe Freeman showed me a quote from “Sole Purpose” by Manny Ohonme (founder of Samaritan’s Feet).  Ironic (or not!) the words that were on the page . .  .

“You may have heard this famous Mahatma Gandhi quote, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ There is also a Chinese proverb attributed to the Lao-Tzu that says, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ To bring about real change the process has to start somewhere and it starts with you. It starts with “Yes!” The decision to say “yes” transforms you into an agent of change and power to impact yourself, your community, and your world.
The eye of the Lord is roving to and fro looking for committed people He can trust with His vision. Are you willing to be a vessel that God can work through?”

Today the vessel was an Etch-a-Sketch that a mom sent with her daughter to give away.

The agent of change was the church.  For it was on those grounds that the little met a man and young woman that she chose to follow.

We never know when we will impact lives of people looking for just the “right” thing or person to follow . . . .

Perhaps one of our biggest challenges as followers of Christ is recognizing when we are being called to be a vessel.

It doesn’t have to be in a foreign country – it can be saying “hey” to folks as they walk onto the church property for the first time . . . it can be using your time to share in the children’s ministry or youth ministry, etc. of the faith community . . . AND it can be offering a smile to people you meet on the street. You never know who may choose to follow.

All it takes from us is a “YES!” God does the rest!  That’s the part we forget,  . . . the results are not up to us.

As we continue in our journey – whether in the US or Nebbi, Uganda, may we all hear the call and also heed the call . . . and say “Yes.”  The ultimate leader is far greater than you or I . . we are just the vessel.

Grace and Peace,