An Eye? Ear? Foot? Hand?

Being the Body!

Being the Body!

Being the body of Christ . . . all working together . . .

I shared in worship yesterday the “epiphany” I’ve had, especially last week at Annual Conference.

The opportunity to work together with other amazing, visionary pastors and laugh, vision, and simply to be friends . . . it was an amazing new day and brought much hope and promise for a denomination that I believe has the most beautiful theology of all!

This morning I am reminded what “being the body” looks like here in our local community and in our world.

Leslie shared with me an email from Catherine who is with a medical mission in Africa with her dad/Leslie’s husband, Jim.  Jim is an OBG-GYN and does amazing work!  He will be performing surgery and yesterday they visited where these will occur.

Here are Catherine’s words . . .

“We eventually took the supplies over to the hospital, or lack there of.  It’s really scary to see this place.  I was amazed this is where they go for real, surgical procedures.  It’s so sad but I know we are going to make such a special impact on this community.  They have a new maternity ward, and dad was all over it.   While looking around the maternity ward, we noticed the lack of stirrups and the basics that dad always has handy.  Looks like ill be holding some legs tomorrow….”

Can you imagine your job being to hold onto someone’s legs while they are having a medical procedure?  Here in the USA we have “stuff” that enables those things to happen without a second thought. In Zambia, not so much!

I believe so often we look at others and just assume they are all “fine” and together . . . they don’t need anyone to hold them . . . they’ve got it all figured out and are progressing through life just fine. Maybe we are called to see that outward appearances may not be what they seem and we, too, are called to be those who hold one another . . . we become for one another “the body of Christ.”

In the Old Testament we read about Aaron and Hur being “the body” for Moses . . .

“When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up–one on one side, one on the other–so that his hands remained steady till sunset.”   NIV, Exodus 17:12

I imagine after Catherine spends a day holding the people in Zambia for her dad to operate, she will never be the same.  Let us be in prayer for she, Jim, and all the team there in Africa!

Life is so complicated.  And Busy. And consuming.  Sometimes we do have brief opportunities to take pause and stop.

It is during those times that if we make ourselves vulnerable and open to see where it is God is leading and speaking, we too can be forever changed.

Where is God calling us to hold up one another?   May we find where we are being called to be an eye, ear, hand, foot of the body for one another!

Grace and Peace,