UNBROKEN-Cover-Stimulated-BoredomWhile on vacation for a few days I’ve been reading “Unbroken,” a true story about Louis Zamperini, a POW during WWII. Ironic timing.

On this Veteran’s Day I am reminded of so many that have born so much for others. I am also reminded of those serving today and I take pause to pray.  For their safety, their families, and their own personal peace. They sacrifice so much.   So much that I would never consider or even remember.

I think of a question that I received from someone in the armed forces recently asking me if they would be forgiven for the hell they are inflicting on others …..

Yes. God knows their heart. Even if their hands carry a gun.

I get so wrapped up in stupid stuff – denominational reports that I probably didn’t get right, semantics of ministry that I’ve missed.


I read this book about a man who on a raft for 4 weeks in the Pacific who went inwardly to a place of prayer when life began slipping away.  I’m reminded that is why I do what I do.  Not for reports or to be on committees but to maybe be a small way that folks can find a clearer pathway to God/Love.

 After this Veteran’s Day I will lead differently.
Because to lead others to a pathway to love is a powerful calling and amazing responsibility.  My hope – to lead without worry.  To lead with boldness and courage because I do believe God has given me a vision of what a vital “church” in 21st century free America can be.